women for greater things!




...My hands are full! I'm reminded by the passerby at Costco who gives that look. My husband isn't even in this picture, and he was already a handful before kids. I call him, Burris. I have three daughters, one son, and an Indian Ringneck not in the picture. We live pretty crazy lives in Denver, Colorado. I love all sorts of things like pretending to be a crunchy granola hippie, but sometimes eat a pop tart. Pretend to like country music because Burris does, but I'm really into boy bands (JT, holler at cha girl)! I'm an entrepreneur who loves hustle. A number one on the Enneagram, aka Reformer. I love to smile, but have this wicked wrinkly brow between my eyes when I'm thinking too hard. Oh...and I drink LOTS of wine and coffee...but mostly wine. I snag two cups for myself at communion. I love munching on lime popcorn made with my Vitality Lime and melted Earth Balance butter, snuggling with my man and watching The Family Stone ALL. THE. TIME.


...I love to write and this is a outlet for all my crazy thoughts and brilliant ideas. Love you! 

                                                                                                        , Leslie